Baby P Makes Three

Baby P Makes Three

Greenup Couple Adopt Baby Daughter


Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon


   Even with just three hours of sleep, Amanda and Brennan Plummer can’t help but smile when they tell the story of their daughter. After about a year and a half of trying to adopt, Ellie Paige Plummer made her way into their hearts and her forever family.

   “We weren’t able to have children on our own, but we knew we wanted them,” Brennan Plummer said. “We had tried several options including foster to adopt but they just didn’t seem to be working out.”

   Starting a family is usually a private thing, but it quickly became a community affair as the Plummers Facebook page, Baby P Makes Three gained momentum and rallied support in their small community of Greenup County. On the social media page, the couple documented their struggles and triumphs while searching for a baby to adopt.

   “One of the things we knew would help speed up the process was getting the community involved,” Brennan said. “It got our name out there and the community spreading our message.”

   While the Plummer's hoped the community would help, they never expected the overwhelming support that poured in.

   “They hosted breakfasts, fundraisers, and shared proceeds from vendor events,” Amanda Plummer said. “It was truly amazing.” Both Amanda and Brennan shared that they were thankful for the community support and considered everyone who had been involved a part of their family.

   “Everyone was so happy just like us when we finally got Ellie Paige. I just can’t believe she is ours. She’s perfect,” Amanda said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

   While Ellie Paige is now with her forever family, the Plummers can vividly remember what it was like when they heard of her for the first time. “We received a call from a friend in Illinois who knew someone putting their child up for adoption,” Amanda said. “We got in contact with them and within two days we were on FaceTime watching the ultrasound.”

  Having had negative experiences in the past Brennan didn’t want to give his hopes up and said he was guarded about the whole thing until the day they were heading to watch their new daughter be born. “We had talked to a lot of people and for some reason or another it didn’t work out, but she worked out perfect,” Brennan said. “Her birth mother wanted her to go to us and knew we were a good fit.”

   Both Amanda and Brennan got to see the birth of Ellie Paige, with Brennan even cutting the cord of their new baby girl. “Being in there was one of the best moments of my life,” Amanda said. “To hold her and feel her wiggle and cry was unforgettable.”

   Now two months after adopting Ellie Paige, a new normal has taken shape in the Plumber home. Although they don’t get much sleep now, their lives are filled with something better, their daughter.

   “I don’t know what I’m looking forward to most,” Amanda said. “Each day is such a blessing.”

   “We couldn’t have done this without the community’s help,” Brennan said. “We are so grateful for everything they have done to help us reach our dream.”

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