Video Series

Beacon Beats

Beacon Beats is a video series featuring local artists of all types of genres from around the Tri-State region. Learn and listen to new up and coming artists or to some of your favorite local artist on this new series.

GAB Channel News

Catch up on all the latest news with GAB Channel News, a once a week news update on events that are taking place in the area.


Kentucky has over 90,000 miles of lakes rivers and streams and features an endless amount of water front acreage. It’s also quite famous for some of the world’s best known distilleries. This show will explore the secrets and histories of our intricate waterways in a recreational context with sidebars (excuse the pun) to the state’s distilleries, breweries and wineries. The Downstream television show will be an educational travel series with a POV perspective, somewhat scripted, somewhat un-scripted, reality based adventures.

Everyday Heros

Learn about the heros in our local communities, Nominated by community residents Everyday Heros Highlight s local residents doing great things in Ashland and the surrounding area.

Magic with Jay

Watch as Jason Smith blows peoples minds with magic tricks at different locations around the Tri-State location. From simple card tricks to flaming disappearing tricks theres nothing Jason Smith isnt willing to try to amaze you!


Featured Video Series

Magic with Jay- Magic with Jay is a series where Jason Smith entertains guest at various locations around Downtown Ashland. From shooting fireballs to simple card tricks there is nothing Jay won't try to impress on lookers.

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